The Prolific Trek

What is the Prolific Trek?

The Prolific Trek is one person’s journey to watch all of the Star Trek canon from start to finish in one year’s time. From The Cage to Star Trek: Beyond and everything in between, join me as I watch all of Star Trek from January 26, 2016  through January 26, 2017.

What do you mean by “all of Star Trek”?

I mean ALL of Star Trek. Every episode of the television shows: The Oroginal Series;  The Aninated Series; The Next Generation; Deep Space Nine; Voyager; and Enterprise. I will also watch every theatrical release film. 

Check out my television progress here and my movie progress here. Or just click here to get started with my most recent post!

What will this Blog consist of?

Whatever sparks my interest. Look for episode reviews, analysis, and just general Trek ramblings. I have also been challenged to write a mini-fic at least once every season. So, expect a 500-1500 word Drabble every season or so. 

Who am I?

I am a lifelong Trek fan and an aspiring writer. I hope that this blog will help me rediscover both of those passions.

Why am I doing this?

Are you looking for more of an answer than: because I’m a bit crazy? Well, then I suppose it all started with a book group I belong to. We’re reading Julie & Julia, and the idea was posited that every one in the group should take that challenge and keep a blog over something over the course of a year. I chose Star Trek because, in my 28 years on this planet, it’s been a constant force. I’m a Trekkie, and I’m proud of it. Plus, I hope this blog will help me hone my writing skills. 

Where else can you find me?

Im ProlificPen on tumblr and @Trekkie_47 on Twitter

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